Single Vision Lenses

Single vision lenses have the same focal power throughout the entire lens and can be used to correct myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Nikon provides a wide range of single vision lenses that will not only meet your needs but offer you the utmost in cosmetic appeal.

SeeMax AP

Bespoke single vision lenses

Recommended for: Wearers commanding the highest quality and those with astigmatism

Nikon Lite DAS

Nikon double aspheric lenses - thin sophistication

Recommended for: Higher prescription wearers who do not want to compromise aesthetics and optical quality

Nikon Lite AS

Nikon aspheric single vision lenses

Recommended for: Low to middle prescription wearers

Nikon Lite SP

Nikon spherical single vision lenses

Recommended for: Patients that require a lens to suit their unique lifestyle.