Nikon Eyewear and Titanium

Since 1981

Since the introduction of Nikon optical frames in 1975, our focus has been on using advanced technology to improve the wearing experience and quality of vision of eyewear users. A key milestone of this endeavour was, in 1981, the launch of “Titex”, the world’s first optical frame made from Titanium.

The exceptional properties of this metal were already known by Nikon camera users: in 1959, Nippon Kogaku K.K. (the company name of Nikon at that time) started using Titanium, first for shutter curtains. The legendary Nikon SP camera was the first single lens reflex model to incorporate them. Although Titanium is widely regarded as a material difficult to work with, Nikon managed to overcome technical issues, refined titanium technology and extended its use to a variety of camera parts, even entire camera bodies made from Titanium, introduced in 1979.

Our current collection of metal frames and sunglasses is fully made of high-grade pure Titanium and Titanium alloy, adding a new page to this history. Titanium brings a unique combination of properties that make it the ultimate choice for performance eyewear:

  • Resistance and extreme lightness: one key feature of Titanium is its strength-to-density ratio, the highest of any metallic element. It is about half less dense than steel, and can be manufactured in thin but sturdy sheets of metal. This allows for metal optical frames of incomparable lightness.
  • Flexibility and comfort: Titanium is strong, but also flexible. So it can be used to manufacture frame temples that fit without excess pressure, and offer a superior comfort, better durability and more lightness than spring hinges used on traditional premium frames.
  • Resistance to corrosion: Titanium also offers an excellent resistance to corrosion, almost equivalent to platinum. Exposed to air, it forms a passive oxide coating that grows with time over 4 years, protecting the bulk metal from further oxidation. Chemically inert and bio-compatible, it is therefore ideal for versatile frames, that do not fear contact with sweat or salted water.
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