100% Polarised

All our sunglasses are polarised for extra sharp and precise vision, even in the harshest of sun glare.

All Nikon sunglasses are fitted with high performance polarised lenses, available in Polashade and Polashade Reveal technologies, that eliminate up to 99%* of unwanted light reflections.

As a result, the environment appears very sharp with deep, well contrasted colours that help a clear perception in the whole visual field.



<p><strong>WITH NIKON POLARISED LENSES</strong></p>


Polashade is our new line of polarised lenses that equips our Core sunglass series. Available in several tints, including a flash silver mirror, Polashade offer a very comfortable vision.

Polashade Reveal polarised lenses equip our Premium sunglass series. They feature a colour and contrast enhancing technology, that goes even further in vision performance. Find out more here.


*Polarisation efficiency according to ISO 12312-1 standard.

Superior lens materials

Great for eye protection, great for vision.

All Nikon sunglass lenses are made with high optical precision materials ensuring low distortion. Their filtration properties exceed UV400 specifications:

Polashade and Polashade Reveal lenses offer you:

  • 100% protection from UVA and UVB up to 400nm (UV400);
  • 90% protection from the light up to 500nm;
  • 90% protection from blue light within the atmosphere, resulting in reduced haze and improved vision.
Nikon optical frames and sunglasses are distributed in selected countries.
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