I want to protect my eyes against UV Rays

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • I worry that my eyes might become damaged by overexposure to UV rays.

  • I spend a lot of time outside, and I’d like to get the best protection for my eyes.

  • I read that the skin around the eyes is very sensitive, and that without proper protection it will age quicker.

UV rays and your eyes: what you need to know

While light is an essential part of our daily lives, most people nowadays know that we are also exposed to UV, a harmful part of sunlight that can be dangerous to our skin.

But UV rays also impact the long-term health of our eyes: eyes exposed to UV without protection can develop some tissue damage, and UV is also believed to speed up the onset of cataract.

So everyone, no matter what age, should protect their eyes daily from UV light. Be careful as UV can be strong even in the case of overcast weather, so using sunglasses only on sunny days is not the best protection. Also, be careful as many cheap sunglasses have dark lenses that do not cut UV properly, even if they have a UV-cut sticker on the lenses!

Having efficient UV protection on your everyday glasses in the best way to keep your eyes well protected at all times. Ask your Opticians for recommendations.

The Nikon lenses that fit your needs

All Nikon lenses include some level of UV protection, but in order to get the best and safest protection, the Nikon SeeCoat lenses offer UV protection, sheilding your eyes both against UV transmitted through the lens, and from the UV reflected by the lens surface.

The UV protection of SeeCoat lenses blocks about 100% of UV transmitted through the lens and about 95% of UV reflected from the back side, keeping your sight completely clear.

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