I want to avoid scratches on my lenses

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • I’d like to invest in a good pair of lenses, but I am afraid to scratch the lenses and ruin my quality of vision.

  • I was told that plastic lenses are easy to scratch, but I don’t know what I should do to avoid it.

It’s good to know how to care for your lenses so that they last longer.

In the past, lenses were made from glass material but they were very heavy. Nowadays, spectacle lenses are almost always made from plastic materials that are lightweight and more comfortable. If you take care of them properly, quality spectacle lenses can be preserved from scratches for years.

The most important part is to use the proper steps for cleaning your lenses. A lot of scratches happen not from wearing the lenses, but from cleaning them!

  1. Never dry wipe your lenses. Dry wiping dirty lenses often leads to scratches, as it’s likely that particles will be caught between the lens and the cloth.
  2. Clean lenses first under running water. If your lenses are dirty with grease or oil, you can add standard washing up liquid (without microbead/crystals) to the water, then rinse gently.
  3. Afterward, if the lenses need to be wiped, gently wipe them with a clean cloth or a soft paper tissue, holding the lens between your fingers, without using any force.

Caution: Lenses are also sensitive to heat. If you want to learn more about the proper care for your eyeglass lenses, see our Lens Care Guide for more information.

The Nikon lenses that fit your needs

All Nikon lenses come with an anti-scratch coating that greatly improves the resistance to scratches.

In addition, all of Nikon’s SeeCoat lenses receive an oil-repellant, easy-clean coat that makes the lenses more difficult to stain and easier to clean. With a reduced need to wipe your lenses, you’ll also lower your risk of scratches.

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